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Enrolling at Yinnar Primary

Children who will reach the age of five years on or before 30th April may commence school in January of that year. An enrolment form may be obtained from the school office.

On first enrolment of a child, a Full Birth Certificate must be produced as proof of date of birth.
An immunisation certificate, received from the Immunisation Register, is also required to be presented on enrolment.


Transferring from another school:

To transfer a child from one school to another it is necessary to notify the current school of the intention to transfer the child. A transfer note is then prepared and forwarded to the new school. A progress report form will also be completed and forwarded to the new school.

School Entry Assessment

At the start of their Prep Year the children at our school participate in the Prep Entry Assessment Program which is used in Victorian Government Primary Schools.

The Assessment Tasks are designed to assist teachers in gathering information about your child’s literacy and numeracy understandings.  This information will help us provide the very best teaching and learning programs to cater for the individual needs of your child and to ensure that starting school is a rewarding and profitable experience.

If you are interested in further information on this process booklets are available for borrowing from the school or you can download more information here.

Prep Attendance Days

During February and early March Preps will attend on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays only. Wednesday is a day for them to rest, and for teachers to plan and interview parents.


Children may order lunches from either the Milk Bar or the General Store. They do so by placing their name, grade, order and amount of money enclosed on a sealed envelope.

Under no circumstances are children permitted to order their lunch directly from the shops. All children will then eat their lunches INSIDE until a bell at 1:25pm.

More Information on the lunch order process is available in the Parent Handbook


School Colours are Navy with Gold. The following fall within the guidelines for the school uniform Navy tracksuit pants Navy windcheater Navy rugby windcheater with gold trim Navy shorts Gold/Navy Polo shirt Navy/Gold Skivvy Navy vests Navy Jacket Additional for girls Blue and white check dress Navy culottes Hats - Navy Slouch Hat Sports Uniform - Navy shorts/Navy skirt/Gold polo shirt House T Shirt (Red/Navy/Green/Gold) Uniform availability Options:

1. Purchase uniform items from Beleza in Traralgon.

2. Purchase second hand items from Yinnar Primary School

3. Purchase individual Dress Code items, without the Yinnar Primary School logo, from department stores.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Once a term second-hand uniform items are available for purchase at a nominal cost.


Uniform and Safety

For safety or modesty reasons the following are not permitted: • tank tops or singlets, • sleeveless tops, • open-toed footwear of any type, • necklaces, large earrings, bangles and chains (Medical Alert items are the exception). • cosmetics • baseball caps

A full list of current School Uniform items is available for download here or from the School Office.


During terms 1 and 4 all students are required to wear school hats and encouraged to play in shaded areas around the school.  The hats are available from the school.  All new students to the school are entitled to a complimentary hat.

Naming of Clothing and Belongings

It is requested that all items of clothing and property, such as bags, toys, lunch boxes and drink containers are clearly named to avoid loss. This is particularly important on excursions and camps.

Valuable items, such as watches, expensive ear-rings, and/or money should not be brought to school, and the Department of Education has no insurance policy nor accepts any responsibility for private property brought to school by students.

Health & Dental Contacts

A school medical service is provided to children in Grade Prep.  Vision, hearing and general physical well being are assessed.

A dental service is available to all primary school aged children.  This service is free if you hold a Victorian Concession of Health Care card.  In all other cases there is a small charge per child.  This service is located in the grounds of Commercial Road Primary School or at the Moe Community Health Centre.  For appointments please phone 1300 360 054.

School Banking

School banking will be held each Tuesday. If you wish to open a school account for your child please see the Office staff for a form.